Russian Microelectronics

, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 209–220 | Cite as

Model of the diode-connected GaAs Schottky-gate field-effect transistor

  • V. I. Starosel’skii
  • S. B. Burzin
  • S. S. Shmelev
  • N. V. Guminov
Modeling of Semiconductor Devices and Integral Circuits


A model of the diode-connected GaAs Schottky-gate field-effect transistor (SFET) has been proposed. The SFETs with uniform and δ-doped channels are considered. The model accounts for the distributive character of the channel’s resistive regions under the gate and the passive contact regions between the gate and the ohmic contact. Based on the results obtained, the equivalent circuit of the diode-connected SFET, which accounts for the current displacement effect, and the method to measure its parameters have been suggested. The model may be used for heterostructure FETs with high electron mobility in the channel (HEMT).

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  • V. I. Starosel’skii
  • S. B. Burzin
  • S. S. Shmelev
  • N. V. Guminov

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