Changes in Prooxidant-Antioxidant System Indices in the Blood and Brain of Rats with Modelled Acute Hypoxia which Consumed a Deuterium-Depleted Drinking Diet


Using the rat hypoxia model, the imbalanced work of antiradical defense enzymes with insufficient dismutase activity in blood leading to the development of oxidative stress, which was more pronounced in animals receiving a natural drinking diet, has been confirmed on the basis of the comparative analysis of the antiradical defense enzyme functioning index. It has been observed that acute hypoxia in the brain tissues is characterized by the development of catalase deficiency and the risk of excessive hydrogen peroxide production. It has been demonstrated that a decrease in the D/H (deuterium/protium) ratio in the blood and brain reduces the severity of the impairment of antioxidant enzyme work in hypoxia.

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