Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing

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Universal Waveguide for the Acoustic-Emission Evaluation of High-Temperature Industrial Objects

  • I. A. RastegaevEmail author
  • D. L. Merson
  • A. V. Danyuk
  • M. A. Afanas’ev
  • A. K. Khrustalev
Acoustic Methods


An original waveguide design has been proposed that makes it possible to carry out acousticemission inspection, diagnostics, and monitoring of industrial objects operating at temperatures above 85°С. The waveguide ensures higher heat-dissipation characteristics, with minimum acoustic losses, than the known clamped-type waveguides. Its application involves no changes to the test object and requires no special permissions from supervising authorities. The underlying physical operating principles, specific features of embodiment, application possibilities, and results of the full cycle of research into how waveguide design features influence heat-dissipation and acoustic characteristics are described. The use of such waveguides widens the application field for the acoustic-emission method as an express technique for evaluating the technical condition of high-temperature objects both during operation and before decommissioning them for technical diagnostics with the aim to identify active (hazardous) areas and include them into the program of testing with other nondestructive methods.


acoustic emission acoustic waveguide nondestructive testing monitoring diagnostics 


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  • A. V. Danyuk
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  • A. K. Khrustalev
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