Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing

, Volume 43, Issue 11, pp 770–773 | Cite as

Quantitative proximate X-ray analysis of loose raw materials based on detection of diffraction and characteristic radiation

  • V. I. BocheninEmail author
X-Ray Diffraction Methods


A method of rapid X-ray analysis is proposed. The content of the method is that the ratio I d/I i A is measured in two channels of a γ spectrometer, one of which is configured for the diffraction maximum of the determined phase (I d) and the other measures the intensity of the spectral line of secondary element A (I i A ), the atomic number of which is the same as that of the material of the X-ray tube anode. Results of the X-ray analysis of chromite and molybdenum are presented. The test rate was 7 min per test. The maximum deviation from the content of MoS2 was 0.4% in standard specimens with concentrations of 24–29% and that of Fe and Cr2O3 was 0.3% for concentrations of 14–19%.


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  1. 1.Kurgan State UniversityKurganRussia

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