Laser Physics

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Modeling of the processes of laser-nanoparticle interaction taking into account temperature dependences of parameters

Interaction of Laser Radiation with Matter


Absorption, electron-phonon coupling and heating of nanoparticles (NPs) under action of short laser pulses on NPs and their cooling after the end of laser action usually has nonlinear character. Nonlinear electron-phonon coupling under action of pico- and femtosecond pulses on metal NPs depends on electron and lattice parameters. Optical (absorption, scattering, extinction) and thermo-physical (coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat capacity, etc.) parameters of different materials of NPs (metals, oxides, semiconductors, etc.) and environments (water, liquids, dielectrics, etc.) depend on temperature and determine nonlinear dynamics of NPs heating and cooling. It is very important to take into account the temperature dependence of optical and thermophysical parameters of NPs and surrounding media under investigation of absorption of laser radiation, electron-phonon coupling, nanoparticle (NP) heating, heat transfer and its cooling after the end of laser pulse action. Theoretical modeling of the processes of laser-NP interaction taking into account temperature dependences of parameters of NPs and environments was carried out. Influence of temperature dependences of these parameters on values and dynamics of the processes is determined.


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