Laser Physics

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 1397–1403

The metastable states in the cooperative emission from a system of two-level atoms in a sphere

Nonlinear and Quantum Optics

DOI: 10.1134/S1054660X10110150

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Manassah, J.T. Laser Phys. (2010) 20: 1397. doi:10.1134/S1054660X10110150


The values of the radii of the sphere enclosing an ensemble of two-level atoms corresponding to metastable states in the cooperative emission are computed. The dynamics of these states and, in particular, the delay in the maximum of the emission intensity are given for the different orders of the critical radii. 1 The article is published in the original.

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  1. 1.HMS Consultants, Inc.New YorkUSA

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