Surface transition-layer model used to study the fine structure of X-ray reflection spectra

  • M. I. MazuritskiyEmail author
  • A. A. Novakovich


Experimental and theoretical studies are performed to characterize the X-ray reflection spectra obtained in the case of the grazing incidence of monochromatic radiation on the plane surface of single- and polycrystalline quartz samples and the channel walls of microchannel plates. It is established that the theoretically calculated fine structures of the X-ray spectra and those measured with a high resolution are closely coincident at energies corresponding to an anomalous dispersion region near the SiL 2,3 absorption edge. Theoretical calculations are carried out using a model involving a transition layer on a sample surface.


Surface Investigation Neutron Technique Grazing Angle Photoabsorption Cross Section Synchrotron Neutron Tech 
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