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Estimation of the Total Concentration of Suspended Matter and Its Organic and Mineral Fractions in Lake Baikal by the Secchi Disk

  • V. I. MankovskyEmail author
Optical Models and Databases


Based on the measurements of light scattering functions in different regions of Lake Baikal in summer 1979, the characteristics of suspended matter in surface waters are calculated, including the mass and number concentrations of particles of suspended matter and its different fractions. From this data, the relationships with Secchi Disk are derived. The formula for the relationship between the mass concentration of suspended matter and the Secchi Disk for Lake Baikal is compared with similar formulas for marine waters.


Lake Baikal scattering phase function Secchi Disk Secchi depth suspended matter organic particles mineral particles mass concentration of suspended particles number concentration of suspended particles 


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  1. 1.Marine Hydrophysical InstituteRussian Academy of SciencesSevastopolRussia

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