Russian Journal of Genetics

, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp 98–109

Allele frequency distributions of -174G/C polymorphism in regulatory region of interleukin 6 gene (IL6) in Russian and worldwide populations

  • S. A. Borinskaya
  • A. S. Gureev
  • A. A. Orlova
  • E. D. Sanina
  • A. A. Kim
  • F. Gasemianrodsari
  • V. I. Shirmanov
  • O. P. Balanovsky
  • D. V. Rebrikov
  • A. V. Koshechkin
  • N. K. Yankovsky


Allele and genotype frequencies of the −174G/C polymorphism (rs1800795) in the regulatory region of the IL6 gene, which encode anti-inflammatory cytokine interleukin 6, were determined in seven populations representing five ethnic groups from the European part of Russia (440 individuals), as well as in small cohorts that represent populations from 24 countries of Africa and Eurasia (365 individuals). The maps of the geographic distribution of the −174G/C allele frequencies were constructed based on personal (22 populations) and the literature data (66 populations), and the data from dbSNP database obtained by the HapMap project (10 populations). The frequency of the −174G allele varied from 45 to 100% and was characterized by nonrandom geographic distribution. These data could reflect the adaptive load of the alleles examined, which was different in different regions of the world. It is suggested that the level of pathogen prevalence is one of the environmental factors that determine different adaptive values of the IL6*-174G/C alleles. This suggestion is supported by a positive correlation between the −174G allele frequency and level of pathogen prevalence calculated based on historical data (R = 0.768; p < 0.0001).


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