Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences

, Volume 77, Issue 6, pp 581–591

The physiological evolution of animals: Sodium is the clue to resolving contradictions

  • Yu. V. Natochin
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DOI: 10.1134/S1019331607060068

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Natochin, Y.V. Her. Russ. Acad. Sci. (2007) 77: 581. doi:10.1134/S1019331607060068


The origin and evolution of life and the role of inorganic environmental factors in its rise and development remain key problems of natural science. The assumption that the first forms of life—protocells—appeared not in the “sodium” sea, as has been always believed, but in “potassic” water basins is substantiated in the article below. Later, protocells with the potassic cytoplasm adapted to the sodium water environment. The role of sodium in animal evolution is the core subject of the article.

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  • Yu. V. Natochin

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