Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation

, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp 433–458 | Cite as

Lower Bathonian Belemnites and Biostratigraphy of the Central and Southern Parts of the East European Platform: Part 2. Cylindroteuthididae and Belemnotheutididae

  • A. P. Ippolitov


Belemnites from the lower Bathonian deposits of the Russian Plate are revised and discussed on the basis of study of the two reference sections—Pletnyovka and Sokur quarries. This is the second part of the investigation dealing with representatives of the family Cylindroteuthididae, and “rostrum-less” belemnites of the family Belemnotheutididae, while members of the family Megateuthididae were discussed in detail in the first part (Ippolitov, 2018). The cylindroteuthidids are found only in the Sokur Quarry and comprise four species all assigned to the genus Pachyteuthis, including a new species, Pachyteuthis mittai sp. nov. For Belemnotheutididae, the presence of a single species Acanthoteuthis foliorostris sp. nov. is recorded, which is the first confirmed record of the genus Acanthoteuthis in the pre-Callovian strata. The study of morphological changes within Cylindroteuthididae across the succession allowed two biohorizons to be recognized and the existing belemnite-based scheme for the lower Bathonian of the Volga Region and its correlation with sections in the Pechora River basin to be updated. As the result of the revision, a complex zonal and infrazonal belemnite-based stratigraphic scheme of the lower Bathonian of the Volga Region is introduced. The presence of an endemic genus deriving from Arctic-Boreal immigrants in the lower Bathonian of the Middle Russian Sea allows the belemnite fauna of this age to be interpreted as the first isolated episode of differentiation of the Boreal-Atlantic Province in belemnites. The study of the development of the cephalopod fauna in the early Bathonian of the Russian Plate indicates a biphase formation of the meridional strait connecting the Middle Russian Sea with the Arctic basins and also supports the hypothesis of a short-term opening of a sublatitudinal Pripyat Strait during the maximum highstand.


belemnites Pachyteuthis Acanthoteuthis lower Bathonian European Russia stratigraphy 


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