The concept of an expanding earth

  • N. P. Betelev


This paper is a review of the results of different authors relating to the growth of the Earth’s mass and energy during geological history, as the planet was absorbing the energy and matter of the space vacuum (the ether). The result must be simple chemical elements and compounds. In fact, the “gas breathing” coming from the Earth’s interior transports great amounts of hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide and dioxide, water, and other simple compounds to the Earth’s surface. Apart from expanding the size of the planet, the absorption of energy and matter from the vacuum also intensifies volcanic, tectonic, and other geological processes as time goes on. For this reason the evolution of the Earth can be considered as antientropic. The consequences of the concept of an expanding Earth should be taken into account in studies in tectonics, petrology, lithology, petroleum geology, ecology, volcanology, and seismology.

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  • N. P. Betelev
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