Effect of Total Duration and Amount of Performed Space Flights on the Human Plasma Hemostasis System


This study involved 27 cosmonauts aged from 37 to 59 years. First, we carried out a correlation analysis of hemostatic parameters and the total duration of space flights. No statistically significant correlation was found for any parameters at any terms of the survey. Then, the sample of cosmonauts was divided into three groups according to the amount of performed flights. We studied the dynamics of parameters within the groups and observed an increase in the coagulation contact phase potential in the dynamics of post-flight studies on the basis of the shortened activated partial thromboplastin time with a tendency of this parameter to restore to the baseline level. This tendency was weakening after three space flights. The observed changes appear to be due to the cumulative effect of space flight factors and the stress of readaptation to terrestrial conditions.

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Correspondence to A. A. Markin.

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Conflict of interest. The authors declare the absence of overt and potential conflicts of interest related to the publication of this article.

Statement of compliance with standards of research involving humans as subjects. All studies were conducted in accordance with the principles of biomedical ethics formulated in the 1964 Helsinki Declaration and its subsequent updates and approved by the Commission on Biomedical Ethics of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). Each research participant presented a voluntary written informed consent signed after explanation of potential risks and benefits, as well as the nature of the upcoming research.

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Translated by K. Lazarev

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Kuzichkin, D.S., Markin, A.A., Juravlyova, O.A. et al. Effect of Total Duration and Amount of Performed Space Flights on the Human Plasma Hemostasis System. Hum Physiol 45, 701–704 (2019).

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  • hemostasis
  • spaceflights