Solar System Research

, Volume 52, Issue 7, pp 644–648 | Cite as

A Numerical Study of the Force Effects of Solar Radiation on Spacecraft Surfaces Considering their Real Geometry

  • S. I. ShmatovEmail author


The effect of solar radiation on two typical external surfaces of a spacecraft is studied using numerical simulation by considering real geometry (geometry deviation from the nominal shape). The results of simulation are presented in this paper. Geometry deviations are simulated by two types of regular external heterogeneities. We compare the force and torque characteristics of solar radiation on nonuniform surfaces with similar characteristics for nominal surfaces and we find that the disagreement between them can reach 90% both in absolute value and sign. This means that it is necessary to consider the deviations in geometry from nominal for proper design and operation of spacecraft.


spacecraft nominal surface regular surface nonuniformity dimensionless force and torque characteristics 


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  1. 1.Lavochkin AssociationKhimki, Moscow oblastRussia

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