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Effect of Arcing on the Electrical Parameters and the Technical-and-Economic Indices of an Arc Furnace

  • Yu. M. MironovEmail author


The effect of an arc discharge in an electric arc furnace on the electrical parameters and the technical-and-economic indices is considered. The current oscillations and unsinusoidality at the stage of melting are shown to significantly decrease the arc voltage and power and the furnace capacity and to increase the electric power consumption. This effect increases with the furnace capacity and power. The compensation of the reactive power at the supply buses of a furnace substation for improving the electric power quality incompletely removes the negative influence on the electric furnace operating conditions and the technical-and-economic indices.


electric arc furnaces electric arc current oscillations current unsinusoidality influence on the regime parameters furnace capacity specific electric energy consumption 



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  1. 1.Chuvash State UniversityCheboksaryRussia

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