Estimation of the Corrosion Resistance of the Metal Coatings Formed by Powder Metallurgy

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A method is suggested to restore the worn surfaces of the components of food-processing equipment, which operate in an aggressive medium and are subjected to corrosive mechanical wear, by electrocontact welding of metallic powders placed in metallic-network containers. A combined additive, which allows one to exclude the losses of adding powder, is used. The corrosion penetration depth in an aggressive medium for metal coatings with a cast-iron addition is studied experimentally.

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Correspondence to A. Yu. Konnov.

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Translated by N. Kolchugina

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Konnov, A.Y., Demchenko, M.V., Sisanbaev, A.V. et al. Estimation of the Corrosion Resistance of the Metal Coatings Formed by Powder Metallurgy. Russ. Metall. 2019, 1285–1288 (2019).

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  • restoring
  • component
  • combined additive
  • electrocontact facing
  • corrosion
  • penetration depth