Improvement of the Electric Arc Furnace Manufacture of R6M5 Steel

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The process of making R6M5 steel by remelting with oxygen blowing in a 20-t electric arc furnace is considered. To improve the technical-and-economic indices of the furnace operation, the following measures are tested on a series of pilot heats: the introduction of oxygen under the metal melt surface in a molten-metal bath using a consumable uncooled tube and heating of the scrap in a charging bucket by effluent gases to a temperature of 250–370°C. These measures lead to a decrease in the heat time, the metal loss, and the specific consumption of electric power and oxygen.

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Correspondence to S. I. Gertsyk.

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Translated by K. Shakhlevich

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Gertsyk, S.I., Korolev, M.R. & Shil’nikov, E.V. Improvement of the Electric Arc Furnace Manufacture of R6M5 Steel. Russ. Metall. 2019, 1245–1249 (2019).

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  • electric arc furnace
  • steelmaking
  • remelting
  • metal loss
  • oxygen blowing
  • heating of charge