On the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy in Metallography

Abstract—Optical and atomic force microscopy is used to study the structures of pearlitic and ferritic steels. The advantages of atomic force microscopy for studying the steel structures are shown in comparison with traditionally used optical techniques.

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Correspondence to L. B. Zuev.

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Translated by T. Gapontseva

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Shlyakhova, G.V., Barannikova, S.A. & Zuev, L.B. On the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy in Metallography. Russ. Metall. 2019, 1040–1044 (2019) doi:10.1134/S0036029519100240

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  • Keywords: steel
  • microstructure
  • grain boundary
  • pearlite
  • cementite
  • ferrite