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3D Computer Model of the Ni–Cu–NiS–Cu2S Subsystem Txy Diagram above 575°C

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The three-dimensional computer model of the Ni–Cu–NiS–Cu2S subsystem T–x–y diagram above the ternary eutectic temperature 575°C is represented. It is shown that in the ternary system with Ni the liquid immiscibility in the subsystem Cu–Cu2S is transformed into the small region of immiscibility within the Cu2S liquidus field.

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    Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the project 17-08-00875-a “Development of computer 4D models of T–x–y–z diagrams forming the quinary Fe–Ni–Co–Cu–S system, for the modernization of technological processes of nickel, cobalt and copper production.”


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This work has been performed under the program of fundamental research SB RAS (project 0336-2016-0006) and was partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 17-08-00875).

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Correspondence to V. I. Lutsyk or V. P. Vorob’eva.

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Lutsyk, V.I., Vorob’eva, V.P. & Zelenaya, A.E. 3D Computer Model of the Ni–Cu–NiS–Cu2S Subsystem Txy Diagram above 575°C. Russ. J. Phys. Chem. 93, 2593–2599 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1134/S0036024419130156

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  • phase diagrams
  • 3D visualization
  • metal–sulfide systems
  • alloys of nickel and copper