Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

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Synthesis of nanohydroxyapatite in the presence of iron(III) ions

Synthesis and Properties of Inorganic Compounds


The effect of small amounts of iron(III) ions on the morphology, phase composition, and structure of the products of the hydroxyapatite (HAP) synthesis has been studied by electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, and Mossbauer spectroscopy methods. It has been demonstrated that the introduction of dopant iron(III) ions into the reaction mixture at different stages of HAP formation makes it possible to control crystal growth, morphology, and phase composition. The iron ions are not incorporated into the HAP crystal structure; rather, they form their proper nanophase, as well as adsorption clusters on the HAP surface.


Calcium Sulfate Iron Phosphate Dopant Iron Large Quadrupole Splitting Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate 
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