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New species of pelagic eelpouts of the genus Melanostigma (Zoarcidae) from Western Antarctica

  • A. V. BalushkinEmail author
  • M. V. Moganova


A new species, Melanostigma olgae sp. n., is described from the Southern Ocean. The type series was obtained along the South Sandwich Islands (Scotia Sea, Western Antarctic) at the depths of 800−850 m. The new species differs from the other representatives of Melanostigma genus by the original combination of the features of the seismosensory system, axial skeleton, and coloration. The homologization of the structural elements (senses) of the head canals of the lateral line has been done for the first time for the Melanostigma. Morphology of M. olgae allows considering this species as the most evolutionary advanced within the representatives of this genus inhabiting the Southern Ocean. The key of the Antarctic species of the genus Melanostigma is provided.


Melanostigma olgae sp. n. pelagic eelpouts taxonomy infernophilia Southern Ocean 


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