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Holocentridae from Borodino submarine elevation (Philippine Sea)

  • A. N. KotlyarEmail author


The information on the Holocentrid fishes (Holocentridae) from the Borodino submarine elevation (Philippine Sea) is reported for the first time. The Sargocentron borodinoensis new species is described based on one specimen found at 100–190 m depth. The brief description of the S. ittodai, Neoniphon aurolineatus, Myripristis amaena, Ostichthys archiepiscopus, O. kaianus, and Pristilepis oligolepis species found from the elevation are presented. The S. ittodai, N. aurolineatus, and M. amaena species were captured at greater depths than was earlier known.


Holocentridae new species Sargocentron borodinoensis S. ittodai Neoniphon aurolineatus Myripristis amaena Ostichthys archiepiscopus O. kaianus Pristilepis oligolepis Borodino submarine elevation Philippine Sea 


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