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Polytypy of the genus Zanclorhynchus (Zanclorhynchinae: Congiopodidae): Description of the new species Z. сhereshnevi sp. n. from the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean

  • A. V. Balushkin
  • M. Yu. Zhukov


New species Zanclorhynchus chereshnevi sp. n. has been described. The type series of the new species has been sampled along the shores of Prince Edward Islands (46°55′ S 37°58′ E) in the Southern Ocean at the depth of 170 m. The new species differs from the another representative of the genus, Z. spinifer, by weak arming of the first dorsal fin and the head and by the body proportions and coloration.


Zanclorhynchus chereshnevi sp.n. taxonomy Southern Ocean 


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