Journal of Ichthyology

, Volume 56, Issue 4, pp 477–487

Revision of the genus Melamphaes (Melamphaidae): 7. oligo-raker species: M. danae and M. pumilis


DOI: 10.1134/S0032945216040056

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Kotlyar, A.N. J. Ichthyol. (2016) 56: 477. doi:10.1134/S0032945216040056


Two species, M. danae Ebeling and M. pumilis Ebeling, belonging to the species group “M. simus” are described in the final part of the revision of oligo-raker species of the genus Melamphaes (Melamphaidae) (≤19 gill rakers on the first gill arch). The species M. danae is distributed in the Indian and Pacific oceans between 30° N and 30° S. In the Pacific Ocean, it is known up to 112° W. The species M. pumilis is distributed in the North Atlantic between 17° and 45° N, and the main catches have been conducted in the western part of the ocean. In the eastern part of the ocean, the catches are registered up to 28° W. A key for the identification of 21 oligo-raker species of the genus Melamphaes is presented.


Melamphaidae revision systematics oligo-raker species Melamphaes danae M. pumilis identification key 

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