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Swallowerfishes (Chiasmodontidae) from the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and adjacent waters

  • A. M. Prokofiev


Data on distribution of swallowerfishes in the northwest Pacific and adjacent waters are summarized. Ten species from four genera of this family are found and morphologically characterized. Morphological heterogeneity of Dysalotus alcocki based on dentale features is found. Distinctions between Kali indica and K. falx are revised. New synonymy is established: Pseudoscopelus pierbartus Spitz et al., 2007 = P. obtusifrons (Fowl., 1934); P. paxtoni Melo, 2010 = P. altipinnis Parr, 1933; and P. cordilluminatus Melo, 2010 = P. scriptus Ltk., 1892. New subspecies P. sagamianus oceanicus ssp. n. is described. Groundlessness of synonymy of P. stellatus Beebe, 1932, and P. vityazi Prok., 2007, to P. scriptus and P. parini Prok. et Kukuev, 2006, is indicated. The problems of classification of Pseudoscopelus without discrete serial photophores are briefly discussed.


Chiasmodontidae northwest Pacific classification distribution new subspecies new synonymy 


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