Journal of Ichthyology

, Volume 48, Issue 10, pp 831–852

Systematics and phylogeny of fish of the genus Liparis (Liparidae, Scorpaeniformes)



Taxonomic revision of fish of the genus Liparis (Liparidae, Scorpaeniformes), whose species inhabit the shelves of the seas of the northern hemisphere, is performed on the basis of a a large collection of material. It is established that the genus, which includes 71 species, represents a monophyletic group. The classification of the genus is elaborated, providing justification of its separation into five subgenera: Neoliparis Steindachner, 1876; Lyoliparis Jordan et Evermann, 1896; Liparis Scopoli, 1777; Lycocara Gill, 1884; and Careliparis Garman, 1892. Keys to species and species groups are provided.


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