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Reconsideration of Dating of the Late Paleozoic Radiolarian Latentifistula crux Ecozone in the Southern Urals

  • M. S. AfanasievaEmail author


The age of the Upper Paleozoic radiolarian Latentifistula crux Ecozone is revised. The Latentifistula crux assemblage was originally established by Nazarov and Ormiston (1985, 1990, 1993; Nazarov, 1988) in 1985 in the basal deposits of the Asselian Stage of the Nikolskoe section on the Ural River. The new biostratigraphic position of the radiolarian Latentifistula crux Ecozone corresponds to the terminal Streptognathodus bellus and Streptognathodus wabaunsensis conodont zones of the Gzhelian Stage (Chernykh, 2012, 2016).


Radiolarian ecozone conodont zones Gzhelian Asselian biostratigraphic position Southern Urals 



I am sincerely grateful to A.S. Alekseev and G.P. Nestell for advisable discussions on the manuscript and valuable remarks and to G.S. Rautian for translation of the present paper into English.

This study was supported by the Program of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science “Evolution of the Organic World and Planetary Processes.”


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