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, Volume 52, Issue 7, pp 707–729 | Cite as

Permian Nonmarine Bivalve Mollusks: Review of Geographical and Stratigraphic Distribution

  • V. V. SilantievEmail author


Data on global geographical and stratigraphic distribution of Permian nonmarine bivalves, which have not included in generalizing works are considered. The continental Permian beds of Euramerican, Angarian, Cathaysian, and Gondwanan paleozoogeographic realms are compared with reference to the nonmarine bivalve fauna from the Late Kungurian to Permian–Triassic boundary. It is concluded that the family Palaeomutelidae Lahusen, 1897 and also the genera Anadontella Betekhtina, 1987, Prilukiella Plotnikov, 1945, and Concinella Pogorevitsch in Betekhtina, 1966 are of the greatest significance for correlation of particular sections.


Nonmarine Bivalvia paleogeography stratigraphy Permian 



The study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 16-04-01062), the State Russian Government Program for Competitive Growth of Kazan Federal University among World’s Leading Scientific and Education Centers, and by the subsidy allocated to Kazan Federal University for the state assignment in the sphere of scientific activities).


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