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Early Kazanian (Middle Permian) Gastropods

  • A. V. MazaevEmail author


Taxonomy and stratigraphic distribution of the Early Kazanian gastropods of the Volga–Ural Region are studied. The material previously studied by Netchaev and collections from the northern areas of the paleobasin previously described by Licharew are reexamined. The Early Kazanian gastropod assemblages comprise 31 species, 20 genera, 16 families; of these four species and one genus are new; 67.7% species are in common with the Late Kazanian assemblages.


mollusks gastropods morphology systematics taxonomy Permian Kazanian Stage Volga–Ural Region 



I am sincerely grateful to T.B. Leonova (PIN, for all-out support, critical reviewing, and editing of the paper). I am also grateful to N.M. Kadlets (TsNIGRM) for providing access to and help with the collections of the Chernyshev Museum.


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