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The fossil viperfish Chauliodus testa sp. nov. (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae) from the Neogene of western Sakhalin, Russia

  • M. V. Nazarkin


The first fossil viperfish from Russia is recorded. It comes from the Neogene of Sakhalin Island and is assigned to a new species, Chauliodus testa (Pisces: Stomiidae). The new species is most similar to living Ch. macouni and differs from it in the completely ossifying cervical centra, the fewer cervical vertebrae, and the short predorsal distance. The finding of deep-sea viperfishes in the Miocene of western Sakhalin is evidence of independent development of the ichthyofauna in the Neogene of the Tartar Strait and Sea of Japan.


Stomiidae Chauliodus new species Miocene Sakhalin Island 


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