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Kyrgyzsaurus bukhanchenkoi gen. et sp. nov., a new reptile from the triassic of southwestern Kyrgyzstan

  • V. R. AlifanovEmail author
  • E. N. Kurochkin


A new reptile, Kyrgyzsaurus bukhanchenkoi gen. et sp. nov., from the Triassic (Madygen Formation) of southwestern Kyrgyzstan is described based on the anterior part of the skeleton (skull, cervical and anterior dorsal vertebrae, ribs, pectoral girdle) and skin imprints. This is the most archaic representative of the family Drepanosauridae (Archosauromorpha, Diapsida). The most prominent features of the new form are the shortened lower jaw, numerous teeth, granular body osteoderms, large supraorbital shelflike skin folds, and thick and extensive throat sac.


Diapsida Drepanosauridae Middle or Upper Triassic Madygen Formation Kyrgyzstan 


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