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A new pachyosteomorph arthrodire (Pisces: Placodermi) from the Upper Frasnian of the Central Devonian Field, Russia

  • G. V. ZakharenkoEmail author


A new genus and species of pachyosteomorph arthrodire, Omalosteus krutoensis gen. et sp. nov. from shallow-water marine deposits of the Evlanovo Regional Stage (Upper Frasnian, Upper Devonian) of the Central Devonian Field is described. It is tentatively referred to the family Trematosteidae Gross, 1932, which was earlier believed to be endemic to central Europe. The new genus is characterized by a rounded, dorsoventrally compressed cross section of the pectoral region and smooth head shield and postcranial membrane bones. The centrale is elongated, forming a narrow lateral lobe. The praeorbitale, postorbitale, and centrale come in contact in the center of the orbital region. The mediodorsale is wide, its carinal process projects considerably posteriorly. The anterior margin of the anterior ventrolaterale lacks articular facets for the interlaterale.

Key words

Placodermi Arthrodira new taxa Upper Frasnian Central Devonian Field 


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  1. 1.Paleontological InstituteRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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