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A Change in the Specific Conductance of Solutions of High-Vanadium Heteropoly Acids in Redox Processes

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Changes in the values of specific conductance χ of the solutions of high-vanadium Mо−V−Р heteropoly acids (HPA-х) in redox processes are determined for the first time for the HPA-7 solution of the overall composition Н10Р3Мо18V7O84, which is a highly efficient catalyst for oxidation processes. The dependences of χ on [HPA-7] at different temperatures and degrees of reduction m and the dependence of χ on m, are found. The relationship between χ and the equilibrium composition of the HPA-7 solution is shown. It was confirmed that the regenerated HPA-7 solutions completely restore their conductance and other physicochemical properties (redox potential E, density, viscosity, and pH), thereby proving the high stability as homogeneous catalysts of oxidative processes.

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This work was performed within the framework of the state assignment of the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (project no. AAAA-A17-117041710081-1). Financial support for the work was also provided by Russian Fund for Basic Research in the framework of the research project No. 18-33-00073.

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Correspondence to E. G. Zhizhina.

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Translated by Andrey Zeigarnik

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  • specific conductance
  • high-vanadium heteropoly acids
  • homogeneous oxidation catalysts