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Mesoporous Aluminosilicates in the Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds

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The catalytic properties of samples of amorphous mesoporous aluminosilicate ASM with different Si/Al molar ratios (40, 80, 160) were studied in the synthesis of practically important pyridines (by the interaction of С2–С5 alcohols with formaldehyde and ammonia, cyclocondensation of acetaldehyde and propionic aldehyde with ammonia), dialkylquinolines and alkyltetrahydroquinolines (by reaction of aniline with C3, C4 aldehydes) and alkyldihydroquinolines (by interaction of aniline with ketones, acetone and acetophenone). It is found that mesoporous aluminosilicate ASM sample with a molar ratio of Si/Al = 40, which has the highest acidity among the studied samples, exhibits the highest activity and selectivity in these reactions.

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The work was carried out as part of the state assignment AAAA-A17-117012610058-4 and with the financial support from the Russian Science Foundation (Russian–Indian grant no. 16-43-02010).

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Correspondence to N. G. Grigor’eva.

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Translated by Andrey Zeigarnik

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  • mesoporous aluminosilicate ASM
  • cyclocondensation with ammonia/amines
  • pyridines
  • quinolines
  • hydroquinolines
  • tetrahydroquinolines