Journal of Structural Chemistry

, Volume 59, Issue 5, pp 1114–1121 | Cite as

Crystal Structure and Third Order Nonlinear Optical Studies on 2-Phenylbenzimidazolium-p-Toulenesulphonate

  • C. Sudhakar
  • M. Saravanabhavan
  • M. SekarEmail author
  • B. Babu
  • J. Chandrasekaran


A new third order nonlinear optical single crystal of 2-phenylbenzimidazolium-p-toulenesulphonate is grown by the solvent evaporation technique using methanol as a solvent. The single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveals that crystals belong to the triclinic system. A nuclear magnetic resonance and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study confirms the formation and vibrational analysis for the compound. UV-visible absorption studies are also carried out for the crystal. Nonlinear refractive index, absorption coefficient, and third order nonlinear optical susceptibility of the crystals are evaluated by Z-Scan studies.


2-phenylbenzimidazolium-p-toulenesulphonate nonlinear refractive index absorption coefficient third order nonlinear optical susceptibility 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. Sudhakar
    • 1
    • 2
  • M. Saravanabhavan
    • 3
  • M. Sekar
    • 2
    Email author
  • B. Babu
    • 4
  • J. Chandrasekaran
    • 4
  1. 1.Research CenterBharathiar UniversityCoimbatoreIndia
  2. 2.Post-Graduate and Research Department of ChemistrySri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and ScienceCoimbatoreIndia
  3. 3.Department of ChemistryDr. N.G.P. Institute of TechnologyCoimbatoreIndia
  4. 4.Post-Graduate and Research Department of PhysicsSri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and ScienceCoimbatoreIndia

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