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Disordering of the Crystal Structure of Cellulose Under Mechanical Activation

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The present paper describes the study of the effect of mechanochemical activation on the amorphization process of individual α-cellulose and native cellulose being a constituent part of the lignocellulosic material in the form of partially crystalline fibrils. In processing the powder X-ray diffraction data the following methods are used to determine the degree of crystallinity of cellulose: Segal’s, Rietveld’s, and Lorentzian deconvolution. It is demonstrated that mechanical activation of individual α-cellulose in an AGO-2 laboratory planetary ball mill with a shock-shear action results only in grinding and amorphization, while the degree of amorphization increases propotionally to the duration of the power supply. When α-cellulose is treated in an RM-20 flow-through centrifugal roller mill with a shear action, particle agglomeration is observed together with amorphization. When a lignocellulosic material (wheat straw) is treated in a centrifugal roller mill, considerable amorphization occurs only at high energies, and no particle agglomeration is observed.

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Correspondence to E. M. Podgorbunskikh.

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Original Russian Text © 2018 E. M. Podgorbunskikh, A. L. Bychkov, N. V. Bulina, O. I. Lomovskii.

Translated from Zhurnal Strukturnoi Khimii, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 204–211, January–February, 2018.

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  • degree of crystallinity
  • cellulose amorphization
  • structure disordering
  • mechanical activation