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Investigation of Flow Characteristics And Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Nanofluid Flow in a Corrugated Duct

  • S. SadripourEmail author


A forced convection flow and heat transfer of a water-based nanofluid with SiO2 particles with different volume fractions and nanoparticle diameters in corrugated ducts with different shapes are numerically studied. The three-dimensional governing equations are numerically solved in the domain by the control volume approach based on the SIMPLE technique. The effects of the nanoparticle diameter and shape on heat transfer is considered in the Reynolds number range 3000 ⩽ Re ⩽ 5000, and a uniform wall temperature is applied on the walls. The corrugated duct shape is optimized by the maximum performance evaluation criterion.


corrugated duct angle of the groove SiO2 nanoparticle turbulent flow performance evaluation criterion 


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