Numerical Study on an Unsteady Flow of an Immiscible Micropolar Fluid Sandwiched Between Newtonian Fluids Through a Channel

  • M. DevakarEmail author
  • Ankush Raje
  • Shashikant Kumar


This paper deals with an unsteady flow of a micropolar fluid sandwiched between Newtonian fluids through a horizontal channel. The governing time-dependent partial differential equations are solved numerically by using the Crank-Nicolson finite difference approach. The continuity of velocity and shear stress is considered at the fluid–fluid interfaces. It is observed that the fluid velocities increase with time; eventually, a steady state is reached at a certain time instant. The velocity decreases with increasing micropolarity parameter in the micropolar fluid region and remains almost unchanged in both Newtonian fluid regions.


micropolar fluid immiscible fluids unsteady flow horizontal channel 


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