Dynamics of Particles Trapped by Dissipative Solitons

  • D. A. Dolinina
  • A. S. Shalin
  • A. V. YulinEmail author


Optomechanical manipulation of nanoparticles enabling ultimate control over their 3D motion is nowadays one of the most highly demanded links between optics, biology, medicine, microfluidics, etc., paving the way for a plethora of emerging applications from drug delivery to living cells, to new methods of nanofabrication. In this Letter we provide novel type of optical manipulation driven by nonlinear effects and laying on the interface between classical optomechanics and non-linear optics. The formation, stability and the dynamics of optical dissipative solitary waves interacting with dielectric nanoparticles are studied theoretically. A mathematical model describing the optical field and the particles are proposed and the stationary solutions in the form of localized optical waves interacting with nanoparticles are found, their bifurctations are studied. It is shown that the linear stability of the solitary waves is affected by the particles but there are regions in the parameter space where the solitons remain stable. The dynamics of the solitary waves with trapped nanoparticles under the action of the inhomogeneous pump is also studied.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.ITMO UniversitySaint-PetersburgRussia

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