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Ferromagnetic-to-Paramagnetic Phase Transition of MnAs Studied by Calorimetry and Magnetic Measurements

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Manganese monoarsenide samples have been prepared by the sealed-ampule technique and characterized by X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis, and scanning electron microscopy. The hexagonal- to-orthorhombic phase transition of MnAs has been studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and magnetic measurements. The enthalpy and temperature range of the transition have been determined to be ΔH =–5.6 J/g and 312.5–319 K, respectively. The enthalpy and temperature range of the transition are influenced by the quality of the samples. The samples containing inclusions of the metastable, orthorhombic phase have a lower enthalpy and broader temperature range of the magnetostructural transformation of manganese monoarsenide. It has been demonstrated that DSC is an effective tool for assessing the quality of MnAs samples. Temperature dependences of specific magnetization and magnetic permeability for MnAs lend support to the DSC results. From these data, the Curie temperature of MnAs has been determined to be 40°C, in good agreement with previously reported data.

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Correspondence to S. F. Marenkin.

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Original Russian Text © S.F. Marenkin, A.N. Aronov, I.V. Fedorchenko, A.L. Zheludkevich, A.V. Khoroshilov, M.G. Vasil’ev, V.V. Kozlov, 2018, published in Neorganicheskie Materialy, 2018, Vol. 54, No. 9, pp. 913–917.

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