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Diagnostics of turbulent and fractal properties of photospheric plasma outside active regions of the Sun

  • V. I. Abramenko


Results of analysis of multi-scale and turbulent properties of observed photospheric granulation patterns in undisturbed solar photosphere are presented. Data were obtained with the New Solar Telescope at Big Bear Solar observatory. Different types of magnetic environment were explored: a coronal hole (CH) area, a quiet sun (QS) intranetwork area, a QS/network area, and an area with small pores. The property of multifractality was revealed for granulation patterns in all environments on scales below 600 km. The degree of multifractality tends to be stronger as the magnetic environment becomes weaker. Analysis of turbulent diffusion on scales less than 1000–2000 km revealed the regime of super-diffusivity for all data sets. Super-diffusion becomes stronger from the QS/network to the QS/intranetwork to the CH. Both multifractality and super-diffusivity on very small scales are associated with the fast turbulent dynamo action. The results show that the most favorable conditions for the fast turbulent dynamo are met outside the network, inside vast areas of weakest magnetic fields, which supports the idea of nonlocal, deep turbulent dynamo.


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  1. 1.The Central Astronomical Observatory of Russian Academy of Science at PulkovoSt. PetersburgRussia

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