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Investigation of the evolutionarity of discontinuities in binary mixture flows through a porous medium



The discontinuity surfaces (shock waves) that arise in nonisothermal carbon dioxide-water binary mixture flows through a porous medium are considered. In the plane of determining parameters the discontinuity adiabats are investigated and their evolutionarity diagrams are plotted. It is shown that one of the adiabat branches corresponds to the displacement fronts at which there are no temperature jumps and phase transitions and the other branch to temperature jumps and phase transition fronts. The adiabat branches may intersect at a point that corresponds to the Jouguet point for the parameters both ahead of and behind the finite-amplitude jump. It is shown that in the neighborhood of this double Jouguet point the adiabat behavior differs from the classical adiabat behavior at single Jouguet points.


porous medium flow through a porous medium evolutionarity Jouguet point 


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