Fluid Dynamics

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Mathematical model of nonisothermal multiphase binary mixture flow through a porous medium

  • A. A. Afanasyev


A model of nonisothermal binary mixture flow through a porous medium, applicable over a wide range of thermobaric conditions, including temperatures higher than the critical mixture temperature, is proposed. A nonclassical approach used for modeling the mixture properties makes it possible to uniformly describe its single-, two- and three-phase thermodynamic equilibria and the corresponding flows under sub- and supercritical thermodynamic conditions. The wide application of thermodynamic methods to determining the real mixture properties leads to a nonstandard mathematical model in which the conservation laws are closed with a conditional extremum problem, not finite or differential equations. A dispersion analysis of the model equations is performed and the characteristic velocities in zones of different mixture phase states are determined.


nonisothermal flow through a porous medium compositional model of flow through a porous medium phase transitions multicomponent mixture dispersion analysis 


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