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, Volume 95, Issue 7, pp 897–917 | Cite as

New species of the bristletail family Machilidae (Insecta, Microcoryphia) from the Caucasus and Southeastern Kazakhstan

  • V. G. Kaplin


Four new species (Trigoniophthalmus lermontovi sp. n., T. borgustani sp. n., Allopsontus borgustani sp. n., Silvestrichilis caucasica sp. n.) and the new subgenus Anisoptinus subgen. n. of the genus Allopsontus are described from the Caucasus; three new species (Allopsontus tekelensis sp. n., A. verae sp. n., A. saryozeki sp. n.) are described from Southeastern Kazakhstan. A key to the 16 described species of the genus Silvestrichilis is given.


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  1. 1.Samara Agricultural AcademyUst-Kinelskii, Samara oblastRussia

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