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, Volume 92, Issue 9, pp 951–965 | Cite as

On the fauna of the bristletail family Machilidae (Thysanura) of the Caucasus and southern Kazakhstan

  • V. G. Kaplin


Four new species, Trigoniophthalmus dombayi sp. n. from Stavropol Province, T. vorontzovi sp. n. and T. montanus sp. n. from Krasnodar Province, Allopsontus varvarae sp. n. from southeastern Kazakhstan, and the new subgenus Allopsontus (Aridopsontinus) subgen. n., are described. Keys to all the known species of the genus Trigoniophthalmus Verh. from the Caucasus and to subgenera of the genus Allopsontus Silv. of the world fauna are given.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Samara Agricultural AcademyUst-Kinelskii, Samara ProvinceRussia

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