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A review of encyrtid wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Encyrtidae) of Macaronesia

  • V. A. Trjapitzin


The review contains an annotated list of 62 species of Encyrtidae from Macaronesia with data on their distribution, hosts, and use in biological control of agricultural insect pests. An attempt is undertaken to classify most of them according to nine types of ranges and to separate species which were introduced to Macaronesia by the ecesis, i.e., accidentally with their hosts. Three genera are synonymized: Acerophagus E.A. Smith, 1880 (= Pseudaphycus Timberlake, 1916, syn. n.); Isodromus Howard, 1887 (= Eupoecilopoda Erdös et S. Novicky, 1955, syn. n.); Syrphophagus Ashmead, 1900 (= Tassonia Girault, 1921, syn. n.). Cerchysiella togashii Tachikawa, 1988 is placed in the genus Zaommoencyrtus Girault, 1916. Cerchysiella koenigsmanni (Trjapitzin, 1985) is considered a subjective synonym of C. latiscapus (Shafee et Fatma, 1984). The following replacement names are given: Acerophagus xuzhihongi Trjapitzin, nom. n. for A. clavatus Xu Zhihong, 1999 non A. clavatus Pilipjuk, 1981; and Anagyrus sergueii Trjapitzin, nom. n. for Anagyrus orbitalis Timberlake, 1941 non A. orbitalis (Ruschka, 1923). Material on encyrtids from the Macaronesian islands Tenerife and Madeira in the museums in Madrid, Helsinki and Washington were examined.


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