Entomological Review

, Volume 87, Issue 7, pp 930–933

A genus and a species of hover-flies, new for the Russian fauna (Diptera, Syrphidae)

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DOI: 10.1134/S0013873807070172

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Barkalov, A.V. Entmol. Rev. (2007) 87: 930. doi:10.1134/S0013873807070172


A new species Pseudoplatychirus glupovi is described from the highlands of the Altai Mts. (the Ukok Plateau). This is also the first record of the genus Pseudoplatychirus from Russia. The new species differs from P. peteri Doesburg, 1955 in the wing membrane more strongly pubescent with microtrichia, in the brown halteres with black capitulum, and in the structure of the male genitalia. The holotype and paratypes are deposited in the Siberian Zoological Museum, Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, Novosibirsk, Russia.

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  1. 1.Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, Siberian DivisionRussian Academy of SciencesNovosibirskRussia

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