Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 84, Issue 8, pp 851–869 | Cite as

RNA (C5-cytosine) Methyltransferases

  • S. A. KuznetsovaEmail author
  • K. S. Petrukov
  • F. I. Pletnev
  • P. V. Sergiev
  • O. A. Dontsova


The review summarizes the data on pro- and eukaryotic RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases. The structure, intracellular location, RNA targets, and catalytic mechanisms of these enzymes, as well as the functional role of methylated cytosine residues in RNA are presented. The functions of RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases unassociated with their methylation activity are discussed. Special attention is given to the similarities and differences in the structures and mechanisms of action of RNA and DNA methyltransferases. The data on the association of mutations in the RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases genes and human diseases are presented.


post-transcriptional modification of RNA RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases 5-methylcytosine RNA methylation 





RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferase




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Funding. The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project 17-75-30027) and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 17-00-00366).

Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.

Compliance of ethical norms. The article does not contain description of studies performed using humans or animals as subjects.


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