Biochemistry (Moscow)

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Spectral Dependence of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathways in Plant Leaves

  • O. B. BelyaevaEmail author
  • F. F. Litvin


This review covers studies on the dependence of chlorophyll photobiosynthesis reactions from protochlorophyllide on the spectral composition of actinic light. A general scheme of the reaction sequence for the photochemical stage in chlorophyll biosynthesis for etiolated plant leaves is presented. Comparative analysis of the data shows that the use of light with varied wavelengths for etiolated plant illumination reveals parallel transformation pathways of different protochloro-phyllide forms into chlorophyllide, including a pathway for early photosystem II reaction center P-680 pigment formation.

Key words

chlorophyll protochlorophyllide photoreduction fluorescence spectra absorption spectra 











protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase


photosystem I(II)


reaction center.


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