Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 78, Issue 13, pp 1415–1430 | Cite as

AGR2, ERp57/GRP58, and some other human protein disulfide isomerases

  • S. S. ShishkinEmail author
  • L. S. Eremina
  • L. I. Kovalev
  • M. A. Kovaleva


This review considers the major features of human proteins AGR2 and ERp57/GRP58 and of other members of the protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) family. The ability of both AGR2 and ERp57/GRP58 to catalyze the formation of disulfide bonds in proteins is the parameter most important for assigning them to a PDI family. Moreover, these proteins and also other members of the PDI family have specific structural features (thioredoxin-like domains, special C-terminal motifs characteristic for proteins localized in the endoplasmic reticulum, etc.) that are necessary for their assignment to a PDI family. Data demonstrating the role of these two proteins in carcinogenesis are analyzed. Special attention is given to data indicating the presence of biomarker features in AGR2 and ERp57/GRP58. It is now thought that there is sufficient reason for studies of AGR2 and ERp57/GRP58 for possible use of these proteins in diagnosis of tumors. There are also prospects for studies on AGR2 and ERp57/GRP58 leading to developments in chemotherapy. Thus, we suppose that further studies on different members of the PDI family using modern postgenomic technologies will broaden current concepts about functions of these proteins, and this will be helpful for solution of urgent biomedical problems.

Key words

protein disulfide isomerases detection in tumoral cells markers of cancer 



endoplasmic reticulum


the USA National Center of Information in Biotechnology


polymerase chain reaction


protein disulfide isomerase


single nucleotide polymorphisms


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